Can I return a set or exchange a set for a different color or size?

Yes, except for purchases from a fundraiser sale, see fundraiser policies in next question. For non-fundraiser purchases, if your set is unopened and undamaged with proof of purchase, we can process a return or an exchange once we verify the sets are in resalable condition. However, it is a somewhat expensive cycle for you and easily avoided.

You’d have to pay the cost of actual shipping both ways, plus a processing fee for the cycle of $7.00 per set, it’s more expensive shipping as you get further from Nashville, so here’s how to prevent this 99.9% of the time.

Size and color are the two primary reasons, and almost only reasons, we found for returns and exchanges since our opening in 2010 and here’s the easy steps to avoid the issue:

a) Measure your bed if there is ANY question about size, all Devereux Bedding sheet sets are designed for 16-inch deep pocket mattresses. Especially if you have a King or California King, but have a question, please verify the sizes; make sure you’re clear, contact us if you need to, we’ve dealt with confusions on size for years and will gladly help clear any confusion in order to make your purchase a happy success. If you have a Twin mattress please read the explanation of the Twin-XL, and contact us if you have any questions at all. Measure is the key.

b) Since every computer monitor, phone and laptop have different color settings, the combination of our HD pictures and accurate verbal descriptions have practically ruled out color problems. However, if you have some challenging color scheme you’re trying to match, online purchasing with shipping is not a good way to “try it out”. The reason is simply because our colors are industry standard colors, we intentionally try to match what’s out there to the highest possible degree. That means if you’re having trouble match something out in your local stores where the industry standard colors are sold, then chances of matching with our sheets is not expected to be much different. But before you purchase, use our color chart and description and contact us if you are still unsure.

Can I return a set or exchange a set for a different color or size if purchased with a coupon code for a fundraiser sale?

The Devereux Bedding Company one year warranty against manufacturers defects always applies but those sales did not occur on this site and should be processed through the site fundraiser website from which you purchased the sheets.  The fundraiser return and exchange policies are posted on each site and may vary depending upon the charity organization.

What's the warranty on the sheets?

We provide a 100% warranty against manufacturer defects within one year of purchase, and will replace all confirmed defects at our expense.  We’re happy that since we started in 2010 we’ve had very few defects to handle, but if it happens, we will make it right and make it easy for you.  Contact us for assistance in the process.

How long will it take to get my order?

We typically process and ship out orders within 2-5 business days, on the rare occasion that a size or color is on back-order, we will contact you immediately.  Shipping times are dependent upon your location, all orders are shipped with tracking data.

How do I know if these will fit my mattress and what if I buy them and they don't fit?

This is an EASY problem to prevent 100% of the time, and it’s important that you do because sheets are kinda like underwear, once opened they can NOT be returned just because you bought the wrong size when we told you how to avoid doing so. We’re not being mean, just practical, because shipping is expensive for whoever has to pay for it.

And, like many things these days, once the sheets are opened you can NEVER, NEVER, ever, ever, ever get them back in the package in resalable form, not even we can do it and they are our sheets. Here’s the easy and fast 100% guaranteed solution.

Before your order, if you have any doubts about what type bed you have, or you aren’t sure of your bed size or mattress depth, if you’re worried because you have a pillow-topper, to be completely certain they will fit,
(1) measure your mattress and (2) use our measurements shown for each size on the product description pages to determine if our sheets will fit your mattress, and remember this……
THEY DO NOT STRETCH, AT ALL, so your mattress measurements either fit into the sheets….or not.

Our measurements are standard industry sizes for King, Queen, Full, Twin, Twin-XL and Cal-King. These measurements cover the width and length of the bed. The depth of the fitted sheet set, measured at the corners, is 14 inches (called “deep pocket”) but the design of the fitted sheet has a generous four inch tuck, which is more than enough, and elastic all the way around, thereby allowing for a good fit on mattresses up to 16 inches.

If you have both a 16 inch thick mattress AND have an extra fitful sleeper in bed or someone who tugs bedding hard when turning over, you may want to invest a few dollars in what is known as “sheet suspenders”. They are an effective and inexpensive solution to annoying sheet pop-off from any extra vigorous bed activity.